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I had gotten a motorcycle loan from Service Credit Union.They were happy to give me the loan, me having a vg credit score.

I treated them right every month, as expected. As I found later, when one wants to sell something that SCU has a title loan on, look out. I found, after they have the pay off money, paid in full, it can take close to two weeks to receive a title release. I asked for a hard copy and emailed release when in the process of paying off my loan, many times, to insure this happened.

After agreeing to do so, they, in the end, would not email a release. It took the buyer of my motorcycle to call and complain before they would do so. When you call, inquiring when the title release will come after the loan is paid in full, you will hear that it will be 24 to 48 hours. Do not believe this, in the least.

You will get numerous times, dates of release, if one calls frequently. When using SCU, if there is a chance that you may sell a vehicle or motorcycle before it is completely paid off, the buyer will have to be willing to wait up to a couple weeks to get the vehicle legalized in their name, minimum. In my case, this will take the buyer three weeks.

When dealing with SCU, either the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, or they lie to you.I cannot say which it is for sure, incompetency, or just a bad business practice.

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